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You and I are silent

You and me together

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Name:Jess ♪ angels lie to keep control
Birthdate:Dec 19
Location:Martinsville, Virginia, United States of America

There's no such thing as a half bad ass, so do play with me. Name's Jessie - 21. Male. Student by day, AT&T Customer Care Rep by night. Currently focused on General Studies AS, for transfer for Ph.D in Psychology. I choose to see the glass half empty most of the time. I love music - it's an escape from what's around me. Spiritually I'm still in the broom closet with my family - but am a witch. I'm an openly, overly-expressive homosexual; who fears cancer, spiders, abstinence, and being alone. If you can't live with the answer don't ask the question.

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, 30 seconds to mars, abnormal psychology, adobe photoshop, adobe photoshop 7, advent children, afi, alice 19th, alternative rock, angelina jolie, animation, anime, anna nalick, apocalyptica, bands, banners, books, candles, celebrities, chinese food, coffee, coffee shops, dane cook, design, disturbed, drawing, edgar allan poe, equal rights, evanescence, evans blue, eyeliner, fanfiction, fatal frame, final fantasy, flyleaf, foreign languages, full moons, gaming, ghosts, girl interrupted, graphic design, graphic novels, graphics, gravitation, h.i.m., harry potter, headers, his infernal majesty, history, homosexuality, horror movies, house m.d., html, icon making, icons, incense, individuality, kingdom hearts, knives, languages, layouts, learning, literature, love metal, loveless, lovex, magic, manga, marilyn manson, metallica, mitch hewer, money, movies, music, my chemical romance, necklaces, night, nightwish, paganism, paramore, pentacles, perfect blue, photoshop 7, placebo, playstation 2, pocky, poetry, politics, pride, pro-choice, psychology, queer as folk, quotes, rainbows, ramen, reading, religion, religions, rob zombie, rock band, rock music, roleplaying, sarcasm, savage garden, scrubs, serenity, sexuality, shadow hearts, sherlock holmes, slash, sleeping, spirituality, spongebob, stephen king, swords, t.a.t.u., tattoos, tea, the rasmus, the used, tutorials, vampires, video games, ville valo, witches, within temptation, world history, writing, yaoi, zodiac, , , , , , , ♀♀, , ♂♀, ♂♂, , , , , ♥., , , , ♫.
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